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  • Janie is a certified Pilates instructor, having completed TWO comprehensive training programs through both Balanced Body University and Kathy Corey/West Coast Pilates.  
  • Janie has also completed TWO Pre and Post Natal Pilates Specialist Certifications through the Center for Women's Fitness, having been personally trained by its founder and creative director, Carolyne Anthony and with Fusion Pilates and it's founder Jennifer Gianni.
  • Janie has also completed the Pilates for MS and Neurological conditions, an advanced education program overviewing symptoms, types, treatments and exercise protocols for MS and other neurological injury with it's founder and Developer, Mariska Breland.
  • Other continuing education areas include:
    • Pilates for Scoliosis with Erin Meyers, founder of Spiral Spine.
    • Pilates for Shoulder Impingement and Rotator Cuff injuries
    • Pilates for Triathletes
    • Pilates for Knee and Hip Replacement
    • Training on the MOTR and Core Align

And many other specialized trainings to help her be able to effectively work with all types of clients, whether ordinary persons, elite athletes or clients with special and specific needs.

Janie Duff-JacksoN
Owner and Instructor

Our founder, Janie Duff-Jackson is passionate and dedicated to sharing her enthusiasm for the benefits of Pilates!

We are Lexington's premeire and only fully equipped Pilates studio offering qualified, comprehensive instruction in the downtown area.

Kate is originally from Nebraska and has recently relocated to the Bluegrass State. Kate has always loved being active. Her early years were spent climbing trees, riding horses, and running track.

As a horseback riding instructor, she developed a deep interest in core strength and posture, seeing the great benefits it gave her clients and their mounts. In her early twenties, health issues that weakened her body led her to Yoga and she became an instructor in 2015. This led to a deepened interest in mind-body connection. When she discovered Pilates, she describes it as "falling in love and finding my passion" all at once.

Kate both completed her STOTT Pilates training and taught in the Midwest before making the move to Lexington. She loves anatomy and physiology and sites her teaching style as a bit "yogi" at times, as she likes to slow things down and breathe deep. Kate's desire, as a Pilates instructor, is to create an experience during her lessons, where her client can feel calm, supported, present and thoroughly worked out.

One of her favorite things about being a Pilates instructor is helping her clients discover their own bodies in a new way, connect to their breath and celebrate with them as they reach their health and fitness goals.

We're dedicated to making various forms and levels of Pilates available to everyone. We teach on all apparatus and to every level of client, regardless of age, fitness level or other physical conditions that may be prohibitive in other forms of exercise.

We offer classes and private training that incorporate the Pilates principles of movement:



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